Gladiator Polo™ Rider Spotlight: Carlucho Arellano - "The Luchador"

Jun 20, 2017 - 8:27 AM

The Gladiators are back! Remember Carlucho Arellano from the victorious Team Greenville?! He and his teammates will be competing during Gladiator Polo™ presented by Coca-Cola on September 16th at Tryon International Equestrian Center! Brush up on your info about “The Luchador” below and come cheer him on this Saturday, September 16th!



Q: Where are you from originally?

A: I was born in Nicaragua and then when I was a year old we moved to Wellington, Fl so I guess I am almost a true Floridian. I got to grow up in Wellington just as polo started to grow as well.


Q: What’s your favorite drink?

A: I think  Coca-Cola is my favorite drink ever. I always tell people my version of heaven is an ice cold Coca-Cola in my hand.


carlucho 2

Q: When did you start playing polo?

A: My dad played in Nicaragua, so thats how I got involved with polo so I actually started when I was 7-years-old but a horse took off with me and I got scared. Then I picked it back up and started playing when I was 11 years old and have been playing ever since.


Q: If you didn’t play polo what would you do instead for fun?

A: I love to swim. I swam in high school and I still swim to keep fit. In a dream I would have been an Olympic swimmer.


Q:What is your favorite polo pony (can be of all time) and why?

A: A horse named Karate Kid who I bought after I graduated from college from a lesson program. When I tried him, I asked the owner if I could run him a little bit. He was so fast, so I bought him at the age of 4, and I ended up playing him for 10 years. He turned out to be a great horse.


Q: What song/playlist are you currently listening to on your iPhone?

A: My twins are turning 4 years old now and this sounds silly but they love rap or hip hop. So we always turn that on the radio.


Q: Where is your favorite place to play polo? 

A: Big Horn, Wyoming. I play there every summer and it is amazing because you are in the mountains, it’s cool, and the horses love it. We go out there every July and August, all of my polo ponies and my whole family. We are actually road-tripping from Wellington, FL to Wyoming and stopping in North Carolina for Gladiator Polo on our way out there.

Carlucho and his family.


Q: Favorite dessert?

A: Banana cream pie. I LOVE it. If I eat too much I go into a food coma.


Q: Have you ever played arena polo before? 

A: I have played arena polo before when I played for the University of Virginia from 1996 -2000. I loved playing in college. It was a really cool experience!


Q: What are you most excited about for Gladiator Polo?

A: They have put together a really good group of guys because we are all at the same level and compete in Gladiator and in several other tournaments. I might be the oldest but it’s a lot of fun getting out there.


Q: Will you ride your own polo ponies in Gladiator Polo?

A: My horses are actually on their way to Wyoming, so I am using my friends polo ponies that will be from Aiken, SC.


Q: What is the difference in arena polo and field polo?

A: Arena polo is a lot more physical. You have quick bounces and your reaction time has to be spot on. You have to really sharpen your game up for arena polo. It’s a lot of fun playing off the walls and it truly is an action packed sport.


Q: Who is your favorite superhero?

A: The Incredible Hulk. It is kind of a joke because my dad made me believe I was the Incredible Hulk when I was little.  I would try and rip my shirt off and it never worked!


Gladiator Polo™ Returns to #TIEC September 2017!

Schedule –  $120,000 Battle for the Carolinas Fall Series

Saturday, September 16th: Battle for South Carolina – Greenville vs. Spartanburg

Saturday, September 30th: Battle for the Carolinas Championship – NC vs. SC

Click here to purchase Asado tickets for Saturday, September 16th. Adult tickets are $40.00 and a table of six is available for $400.00. 

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To read about the game and the more than 10,000 fans that attended the match, click here. 

Want to see the BRAND NEW promo video? Click here. 

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